“How can I be sure my hospital is receiving the appropriate Medicare DSH reimbursement?”

Provider Reimbursement Solutions, Inc. (PRS) has been providing Medicare Disproportionate Share reimbursement support to hospitals since 2005.

Our dedicated staff has over 20 years of experience in Medicare DSH reimbursement. We have successfully provided our consulting services to a variety of hospitals from small independent hospitals to large health systems. As our focus is solely DSH reimbursement we have the expertise and experience to meet all of our clients’ DSH needs in the ever changing healthcare environment. It is our mission to Provide Required Support to our clients to fulfill the “high burden of proof” needed to accurately capture all Medicaid days that should be claimed on the Medicare cost report. We pride ourselves in maintaining relationships with our clients so that minimal hospital personnel involvement is needed to produce a fully documented, verified, auditable Medicaid log.